Autumn  Winter 2019/2o


Carolin’s strength as an artist lies in her ability to make what others may consider conceptual design into functioning form. As a designer, Holzhuber gravitates towards examining the intricacies of the human experience and the way in which we interact with one another, our communities and our own psyche. In this collection entitled SYNCHRONICITY, Carolin delves into the concept named and developed by Carl Jung, which expresses the idea that seemingly random events can have a deeper meaning through commonalities that are much more than coincidences. Carolin chooses to focus on connections orchestrated by divine intervention during a time that feels discordant and chaotic. 

The energetic feeling of the silhouettes represented throughout the collection almost creates a sense of optimism in finding meaning where at first there seemingly is none, giving a sense of something greater at work. 

Carolin’s bold silhouettes in this collection are connected to their soles in sometimes unexpected ways, begging for closer examining to comprehend the details of her designs and how they come together to create one coherent and wearable form. Others show shapes and details that are duplicated and reimagined in various ways throughout the design, whether reflected in a heel that juts forward energetically in metal with matching angles reflected in leather in the upper design, or negative space that is used to emphasize the places in which Carolin cleverly uses materials to reconnect the structure and give the form it’s unique shape and balance. 

Much like Jung’s concept of synchronicity, which requires a belief in the unseen, each piece that makes up this collection requires a leap of faith and a belief in Carolin’s meticulous craftsmanship and expertise with each bold piece. 

lookbook images in collaboration with Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

words by Danielle Bullen

product images Carolin Holzhuber