Iris van Herpen x Carolin Holzhuber

Spring Summer 17 Couture

Carolin Holzhuber expands on her own collection’s point of inspiration in her collaboration with Iris Van Herpen. As many designers choose to fight back against the breakneck speed of the fashion cycle and the unbalanced scales of the craft leaning more and more towards profit rather than art form, Holzhuber looks to the small but powerful statement – No -. Taking a stand against tumultuous times and systems, the strength and stability in the designs are unwavering. The intensity of the shoes themselves encourages one to take the time to engage visually with the striking concepts. While the Iris Van Herpen collection – Between The Lines – asks us to admire the subtly and suggestion that is hinted atbetween the folds and stitches of her sculpted garments, Carolin Holzhuber‘s structural pieces leave no room for misunderstanding the power in her statement. The collaborative collection compliments Van Herpen‘s through the embracing of negative space, making the beauty of the wearer‘s bare skin just as important as the fine nappa leathers and Austrian made carbon fibers Holzhuber so skillfully employs. Made with meticulous care by hand in her east London studio, Holzhuber’s focus on detail is ever present, giving life a meaning to each pair made.

words by Danielle Bullen

backstage picture Sonny Vandevelde