Spring Summer 2020

ENIGMA, Carolin Holzhuber’s SS20 collection, is the consideration of the mysterious relationship between flesh and spirit, person and purpose. A process which started in 2019 with Carolin’s contemplation of humankind’s role and existence in the world through a collection of quotes surrounding the idea of the word “enigma”. While a broad metaphysical question to consider, Carolin’s ENIGMA collection plays with the idea that life can be surprising and sometimes even severe, but there is a magic and beauty that exists at its center which can be treasured. 

“Without the spiritual world the material is a

Disheartening enigma.” – Joseph Joubert

 Highly polished accents create an ethereal, mystical vibe- the effect is both surprising and intriguing. This is a deeply felt collection. Rather than contrasting, they work in tandem, equally beautiful, comprising the whole. This collection’s palette which includes a dusty royal blue, foggy grey-green, blush tones, and pure black leather are soft and reassuring during a time when we as a collective are desperate to feel comforted and reassured. 

Following the lines that make up the shape of her designs, you are given a sense of fluidity, rhythm, and movement. Each piece contains elements of either gentle curves or tilted angles, or a combination of both, which can be a poetic and artful interpretation of the ebb and flow of life; our discordant moments and moments of harmony. Carolin’s work is a representation of her ongoing desire to examine our tangible experience as humans, but what about the essence that makes us human? What is that feeling that connects us to one another, that drives us to seek meaning, purpose? ENIGMA shows us the beauty in the personal exploration of these questions. 

words by Danielle Bullen