Spring Summer 2016

What is there is strongly complimented by what is not.

With the SS16 collection „SYMBIOSIS“ the aime was to create a merged harmony of shapes and sizes. Stating that symbiosis is not only a biological phenomen, but to see it also as a metaphor of the need for support for one antoher in any form of a relationship. 
Empty space becomes just as crucial as the present materials that fabricate the anatomy of each shoe, transforming the biological concept of symbiosis into a meaning that represents the supportive relationship between filled and empty spaces. The physical materials enhance the gaps and breaks that are a part of each design just as the geometric holes in the center of wedged platforms, and at upper. Angular, architectural stiletto heels that bring to mind the imagery of scaffolding do the same in reverse. Empty space 
is used as an aesthetic element that is of equal importance to the precise choice of materials for construction.

The sculptural footwear piece SYB1.1 and SYB1.2 creates also a symbiosis between art and fashion. It is a sculptur and not ment to be worn. The two shoes need to support eachother to be able to stand. With this piece Carolin not only wants to show the very close realtionship between fashion and art. It is furthermore an attempt to break the boundaries between these two worlds!

SYB 1.1

SYB 1.2






Lookbook images by Catharina Pavitschitz

black skirt by Cunnington & Sanderson

SYB 1.1 & 1.2