A|W 2021


With both the natural and man-made catastrophes of the past year in mind, Carolin experiments with a sense of alchemy in METAMORPHOSIS, her latest collection. Often exploring large concepts surrounding life and human existence through her work, Carolin continues to use her architectural footwear to explore the possible meanings behind our unique experiences as humans. Is it possible to transmute the last year into something beautiful? Through varied textures, an expressive colour palette, the changing balance between positive and negative space and geometry through lines, curves and angles that is often seen in Carolin’s work, METAMORPHOSIS is a call to shift perspectives. 

In METAMORPHOSIS, we are given the impression that we have come upon something mid transformation. Each piece indeed appears to be experiencing a metamorphosis of its own through elements like synthetic hair fringed at the toe, or the use of subtle inlays creating the impression that one element is giving way to another. Earth tones drawn from elements of nature along with a sudden, delightful injection of bright golden yellow hues, evoke a sense of optimism and joy. Contrasting textural elements such as suede lend a sense of warmth and comfort while the patent leather allows us to see our own reflection and acknowledge that we as human beings are both the cause and the solution to what we are experiencing as a collective. The duality here is that we are coming into an awakening, but there is still much work to do. 

Although the last year has been a nightmare for many of us in more ways than one, many of us have also seen painful moments transform into unifying movements for change, positivity, and connection. METAMORPHOSIS is a call for us to prepare to once again rejoin the world with a new perspective, and invitation to remember our humanity as we do so.  

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