Mary Equal

private order

– Mary Equal – is a private order created for Mary Jordan a New York artist, designer and activist. Creative director and founder of the New York water tank project. The idea of an outdoor art exhibition on the New York City skyline dedicated to the global water crisis has generated tremendous enthusiasm. Artists such as Ed Ruscha, Maya Lin, Jeff KoonsAndy GoldsworthyCarrie Mae WeemsJulie Mehretu and Lawrence Weinerhave pledged participation

It is also always important for Carolin Hozlhuber to deliver a message with her work and to create awareness of certain problems/situations that need to be changed and not ignored by our society. Mary Jordan’s reason to wear this specific outfit was to stand up for equality especially for the big gap between the income of men and women in Estonia. Married to an Estonian politician she attended the 100thIndependence Day reception at the National Estonian Museum with one message


 To empower her statement Carolin Holzhuber created a footwear piece that also delivers this message. The heels designed and handcrafted for each shoe are two equal platforms that show how important balance and equality is. Because we are all humans, there should not be any difference and any fight between us. But we should respect, love and help each other to become a society where we are equal and can watch into each other’s eyes on the same level.

Mary Jordan wearing dress by Guild

and her Mary Equal shoes